Become Radically Aware

Find your Flow and Activate your Purpose with the Life Inventory Assessment.  

Awareness is the first essential step to any personal development plan.

This is a view of your life that you've never seen before.

ONLY 15 minutes to Complete.

ONLY $97.00

Included in YOUR Life Inventory Assessment


  • Access To The¬†Assessment¬†measuring your life across 13 categories and five well-being measures.¬†

  • Your Personalized Life Map¬†highlights which areas of your life are in FLOW & EASE and which areas need the most attention. See your life scores in¬†each category.

  • 80 + Page Downloadable Life Report¬†with guided reflections and recommended actions

    • BONUS: An¬†emotional processing step-by-step guidebook from¬†PhD. Clinical Psychologist and researcher Dr. Douglas Tataryn.
    • BONUS: An audio visualization to build your ideal life by founder and Master Hypnotherapist, Maurice Thibodeau.¬†

 Your Awareness 

The First Step To Finding Your FLOW & Living Your PURPOSE



Self Awareness Is The First Step To Self-Mastery

Awareness puts you in the driver's seat of creating the life you desire:

  • Increase your energy by finding where you are losing it.
  • Increase your flow by following the insights that create it (and block it).
  • Increase your focus by establishing your priorities.¬†

What does energy, flow, and focus really mean:

  • Healthy fulfilling relationships.
  • Maximizing your brilliance¬†at work.
  • Owning your pleasure in the bedroom.
  • Making confidently aligned decisions.
  • Experiencing peace and purpose every day.
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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if, for any reason, this process doesn't contribute to your personal development process in the way you hoped, send us an email within 14 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

Alexandra Tataryn, Coach

"This process is easily one of the most useful life mapping tools I've ever seen."

Yulia Rafalivoa, Executive Function Expert

"This tool has helped me to witness, appreciate, and understand the major shifts I've had in my life. I have a greater sense of self -- and that's coming from someone who teaches this!"

Will Bragunier, Marketing Specialist

"I now have a clarity and a plan to pursue the things in my life that fulfill my purpose."

Jason Freeman, Motivation Speaker

The Life Inventory Assessment gave me greater clarity around why I feel very successful in some areas of my life while feeling uninspired and unproductive in others. I came away with practical suggestions to grow in the areas I choose to make changes in. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant personal roadmap as you move forward toward your goals and dreams, I highly recommend the Life Inventory Assessment.