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Take LIA Self-Paced and get clearer on the change that will shift your world.

LIA is for you if:

  • You are seeking Clarity and Direction
  • You are looking to Feel More Confident about your Decisions
  • You are going through a transition like a new job, relationship or family changes
  • You have a desire to be living your best life

Assessment Self-Pace



  • Life Inventory Assessment that captures your current fulfillment.
  • Interactive Personalized Life Map highlights which areas of your life are in FLOW & EASE, and which areas need the most attention.
  • Self-Paced Course to walk you through your results
  • BONUS: An emotional processing step-by-step guidebook from  NEDERA Guide by Dr. Douglas Tataryn, Phd. Clinical Psychologist and researcher.

Common Questions

Is there a guarantee?

Yes: if you don't feel you got your value, send us an email within 14 days, tell us why and we will return your money, no questions asked


How long does it take to see my results? 

Your results arrive immediately after completing the assessment.  Check your Spam Folder if you don't receive an email right away.











Is my data private and secure?

Your results are secure and kept strictly confidential.  

The results are system generated and can not be accessed by anyone outside the direct group of individuals responsible for delivering your results.

Your privacy is our priority:

How is this assessment different?

The Life Inventory Assessment is different from other personality or psych tests in that its purpose is all around your personal clarity

It measures your life perspective and the key elements associated with achieving your fulfillment. 

This is not a psych or personality test, it measures nothing about your personality or preferences. Instead it measures the key behaviors related to your life fulfillment. 

It is the only assessment (that we are aware of) that delivers direct, objective, coaching insights as part of the package.


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