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You KNOW that your  life could feel more energizing, engaging, enriching...



but you DON'T KNOW how to get there...

The Life Inventory System is Your Magic Mirror 

If you had access to a magic mirror that gave you a true reflection of your life and insight into where you are headed, would you look?

With the Life Inventory Assessment, magic meets science to provide you: 

  • a Life Map, a clear and honest view of exactly where you are.
  • your blind spots¬†(the patterns working against you that you can't see).
  • your focus point¬†(your most significant¬†opportunities¬†to live more fully or get unstuck).¬†


"We help people define, measure and align their life

in congruence with their greatest gifts and highest priorities."

Maurice Thibodeau, Co-creator of the Life Inventory Assessment

Want to Be Clear On How to Get Where You Want to Go?


The one constant among all the chaos that life can deliver, is YOU.  

In the Life Inventory Assessment, you take a precise measure of your life guiding you to what those measures show.

A clear picture of where to focus and a guiding direction for your next steps.


Like stepping into a photo-booth to take a snapshot of your life.

Includes your interactive LifeMap, Life Health Dashboards, and video instruction on how to action your results.

What Does Your Life Picture Reveal? Get Your Life Inventory Assessment

Why is it so easy to fall out of alignment?


We are living in an environment of overloading information, competing priorities, and meticulously designed distractions.

And that's not even including the fact that we are masters at getting in our own way.

It's easy to get off track and spread too thin. 


The Life Inventory System provides a fast, reliable, way to separate from the chaos, accurately reflect on your life, and align your daily decisions with what most serves you. 

Slow down and listen to the wisest person you know.




The alignment of what is right for you can only be defined by you. 

You are a perfectly flawed and complex being.


No matter what is happening around you, looking within, and getting clarity of who you are and what's most important will serve you to make better choices.  


Your clarity and alignment

are what this life tool helps you to see.



What Is The Life Inventory System?

The Life Inventory Systems is a comprehensive online diagnostic system that measures and prioritizes each of your 13 life categories across five key elements, giving insight into:  

  • ¬†How aligned you are in¬†how you spend¬†your time.
  • ¬†Your capacity¬†to achieve what you desire.
  • ¬†How¬†you are showing up¬†to your life opportunity.
  • ¬†The state of¬†your¬†emotional health.
  • ¬†And what your¬†current¬†level of¬†fulfillment is.

The 13 life categories are:  Work, Health & Fitness, Leisure, Emotional, Finance, Spiritual Life, Parenting, Love, Social Life, Creative & Intellectual Talent, Social Contribution, & Extended Family. 



How It Works.

Step 1: Purchase the Life Inventory System

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Step 2: Take Assessment 

Upon purchase, you will immediately be logged into the growth library, with easy to follow steps to complete your assessment.  

Step 3: View Your Results:

You will receive your interactive Life Map and Life Health Dashboards within minutes of completing the assessment.


Without having to leave the comfort of your space,

you'll be interacting with your Life Map and Dashboards. 


Shown directly below is an a sample Life Map and Life Health Dashboard. 

Get the Life Inventory System


The Life Inventory System is for you if you are ready to take a mindful approach to your life.


"In any given moment we have two choices: to step forward into growth, or back into safety."  

Abraham Maslow

Your Life Inventory System

JUST $97.00 Introductory Offer

  • define and¬†evaluate what you value
  • measure how you are doing, feeling, and performing in each of the 13 core life categories
  • unlock a framework to look at your life with precision
  • use this¬†framework to track your progress over time

Includes your interactive Life Map, Life Health Dashboards, and video instruction on how to activate your results.

Truly See Yourself: Take an Inventory

Why Take This Now? 

"A man (or woman) who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." 

Charles Darwin

Making the 'right' decisions is hard? 


  • You say 'yes' to too many things.
  • You feel in constant conflict with competing priorities. 
  • Stress, guilt, and indecision have become common states.


Walt Disney wisely said, "When your values are clear, your decisions are easy." 


In the LIA assessment, you define your highest priorities, making it easier to make clear decisions. 

You are constantly pushing the edges of your personal growth.

  • You love tools that make you more effective.
  • You welcome direct feedback on how you doing.¬† ¬†
  • If you have blind-spots, you want to see them NOW!¬†


The LIA assessment measures all thirteen of your life categories against the five dimensions most co-related with happiness and fulfillment. 

You crave leadership & thoughtful direction.


  • Finding the right sources to fuel your growth is daunting and overwhelming.
  • You don't have don't to be misled.
  • You value clarity and precision.


"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

The LIA assessment directs your attention to the people and actions that will serve you to be, do, and have your greatest life. 

 Does This Actually Work?

FREE GUIDE: How to Increase your Life Happiness

Learn about the four elements that directly impact your happiness.


9 ways the Life Inventory Assessment can serve you:

  1. Specific, objective feedback on all major categories of your life.
  2. A clear measure of how you are spending your time.
  3. Direction to know where and what to focus on.
  4. The ability to track progress, growth, and regression over time.
  5.  A birdseye overview of your entire life, shown in a Life Map.
  6. Increased capability to connect and communicate in key relationships. 
  7. Greater confidence in being able to say "yes" and "no" where it matters.
  8. A clear organization of your life priorities.
  9. Direct feedback on opportunities for personal growth.

"Make sure the outside of you is a good reflection of the inside of you."

 Jim Rohn

How The Assessment Came To Be

After I made the huge life decision to leave my corporate career in 2018, I knew clearly that I wanted to use my gifts to do something significant.


In following my personal growth path, I knew how much having a consistent practice of reflection had on my life and my relationships. 


My wife and I wouldn't have thrived (or likely survived) our relationship without it. I know I wouldn't have had the courage to make the major decisions that I did along the way (like moving to the middle of no-where with three kids under 6 in 2009, and like leaving the career and work-family I'd build my life around, in 2018).  


When it came time for me to decide, "Now what?," I ultimately decided the most important thing I could do next was make this framework to other people. This was my  "next most important thing."


I dedicated my life to developing the life inventory practice in an online format, bringing the ability for people to experience it without the need for a coach's support and from the comfort of their own space. 


While working in close collaboration with emotional expert and psychologist Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn and his leading work on emotional health (also the founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework), I'm proud to say it is now here!


Maurice Thibodeau

Co-creator of the Life Inventory Assessment

Picture: Maurice Thibodeau (left)

& Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn (right)

Are You Living Out Your Life Priorities?

This is an opportunity to step back from the chaos of your life to take a measure of your life priorities and their current health.

  • Are you living in alignment with your life priorities?
  • How healthy and fulfilled is each category?
  • Do you know why and what your next steps are?

We developed this tool to help look within, the world needs you. 

Gain Awareness: Take Your Assessment

Click on the video and hear stories from clients finding direction with the Life Inventory Assessment.

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Your Time Is Now

The cost of not living in alignment with who you are and what you can be is far too high. The entire world loses when you aren't stepping into your purpose. Choose you. End the Struggle.

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